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Wanting to grow your business?

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Do you have a successful small business but would like to scale up, increase your shareholder value and grow your business in the way you have always dreamed?

Do you want to avoid incurring debt while growing your business?

Do you have little to no debt against your company?

Despite the current climate with the pandemic and Brexit, there are some businesses that are doing very well and would like to scale up without getting into debt.

As a small business owner, you know there is not a queue of investors lining up to hand over money and most banks will only help out if you secure assets against the loan – namely your home!

  • Do you have a specific goal or business development plan in mind?
  • Are you wanting to acquire other businesses vertically or as a bolt-on to support your growth strategy?

Regardless of how successful a small business becomes, there is a ceiling that is hard to rise above as small businesses are considered too risky, too small to invest in, unless they are in popular sectors like technology, and not enough liquidity.

These small businesses are invariably well managed with value centred around colleagues, customers and culture.

At 3L Investment Ltd, we see the tremendous potential of these businesses and believe there are effective ways for you to grow.

How can we do this?

3 L Investment Laura Love - Private Investor - Small business owner - florist - York

 First, we work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand what your goals are, then complete some due diligence on your finances.

 Understand your growth strategy – help define or refine if needed – and take steps to make this a reality.

 We employ tailored and patented financial solutions in line with your goals that will allow you to retain control of your company, colleagues, customers and branding.

Next Steps


Book a Discovery Call with us.


 Together we will create a winning plan so you get the right results.


The agreement is signed, and we deliver the plan together.

Full confidentiality on all discussions, finances and any agreements are assured.

We will work with you every step of the way to help achieve the desired goals for you and your business.

That is our guarantee!

We are dedicated to your success