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Is your company in financial distress?

Have you been running a small business for at least three years, but find yourself struggling with cash flow, concerns about meeting payroll, or feeling the pinch with current debts mounting?

Firstly, you are not alone and there are options available to you without getting  further into debt and to have to enter voluntary administration or worse.

We would like to help your business before it is too late and prevent closures of viable businesses in York and the surrounding area.

The Federation of Small Businesses have already highlighted that in York alone there will be over 640 small businesses closing their doors by the end of 2021. This would be a tragedy for the city, our communities and tourist industry.

 We cannot guarantee that all businesses can be saved, but at 3L Investment Ltd, we will do everything possible to keep the doors open.

How can we do this?

 First, we work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand what your goals are, then complete some due diligence on your finances to see where key problems lie and how we can resolve them.

 Whether you need investment or wishing to sell your company, we will work with you and agree the right solution for your business.

 We can provide tailored financial solutions that will remove key problems and renovate your business allowing you to either continue operating, or in preparation for selling.

 If your business is in distress and you no longer wish to keep it, we will discuss buying it!

Next Steps


Book a Discovery Call with us.


Together we will create a winning plan so you get the right results.


The agreement is signed, and we deliver the plan together.

Full confidentiality on all discussions, finances and any agreements are assured.

As you can see, there are options, and we will work with you every step of the way to find a positive outcome and a way forward for you and your business.

That is our guarantee!

We are dedicated to your success