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We invest in or buy privately owned businesses based in York and the surrounding area.
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“At 3L Investment we simplify and speed up the company purchasing and investment process”

  • We can help you reach your business goals with a return to profitability via reduced debt; provide financial solutions to increase revenue or buy your distressed business outright.
  • We can offer opportunities to scale up your business without changing your business model or control and without incurring debt; financially renovate it so it is ready to be sold; or facilitate your succession plans for retirement and financial freedom.

Our Mission:

“Investing in the private businesses that support our communities”


Support healthy businesses that wish to retain their company and scale up/increase shareholder value without creating unwanted debt.

Facilitate retirement goals or owners without a successor lined up to run the business, allowing you to retire with peace of mind and financial freedom.
Prevent closures of viable businesses due to cash flow/high debt challenges resulting from the pandemic or ‘tipped over the edge’ as a result.

Purchase businesses whereby the owner cannot continue running it due to health reasons, overwhelming challenges or who has just lost their passion for the company.

Fix businesses by identifying key problems and finding effective solutions that will allow the business to either continue operating or renovate for selling.

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Challenges for small businesses in York


Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, contributing up to 50% of the country’s GDP. Here in York, our small businesses are the keystone of our city’s success. We boast a rich variety of companies, from those providing essential goods and services, to the more colourful ones that bring our ancient city to life.

3 L Investment Laura Love - Private Investor - Small business owner - florist - York
As a long-standing resident of York, I personally have enjoyed the wealth of tourism choices inside our city walls including ghost walks, historical tours, museums, art galleries, and of course our Dungeon! There is a plethora of small, owner-managed businesses that support our tourist industry, alongside many community-based businesses on which the residents depend.
Our city, like every town and city across the world, is finding the current business climate a tremendous challenge, with trading restrictions, uncertainty for the future and in some cases financial distress. If you are asking yourself in what direction you should take your business and how to do so effectively, then we would like to help.