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Are you ready to retire?

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Are you wanting to retire, but do not have a natural succession plan in place where someone can pick up the business where you left off, ensuring it is in safe hands?

Do you want to increase your shareholder value, reduce your time in the business and ensure the company retains autonomy, customers, colleagues, culture and branding?
Are you wanting to sell your business but unable to find serious buyers or obtain the value your business deserves?
Do you have little to no debt against your company?

Small business owners wishing to retire now are facing unprecedented challenges, especially within family-owned companies. The younger generation are increasingly moving away from the family business and into what is perceived as more exciting opportunities that the internet and social media can provide.

Whether you want to retain majority control of the business or sell it outright, we can facilitate a plan that will achieve this goal.

How can we do this?

3 L Investment Laura Love - Private Investor - Small business owner - florist - York

 First, we work with you on a one-to-one basis – to understand what your goals are, then complete some due diligence on your finances.

We employ bespoke and patented financial solutions and instruments that will make your goal a reality.

Next Steps


Book a Discovery Call with us.


Together we will create a winning plan so you get the right results.


The agreement is signed, and we deliver the plan together. 

Full confidentiality on all discussions, finances and any agreements are assured.

We will work with you every step of the way to help achieve the desired goals for you and your business.

That is our guarantee!

We are dedicated to your success